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At ECEM, we want to become an extension of your business, fully supporting your chemical supply chain needs.

As your resourcing partner, we are much more than a chemical distributor or traditional importer / exporter.

Logistics strength

The key to our success

One of the keys to success of our company is an efficient Logistic department to guarantee the reliability of information and the correct timing in the delivery of the goods and to study and resolve the different demands of the clients.

We can supply solo and combined deliveries with short lead times, either in tank trucks, drums, IBCs or materials in bags. Our deliveries are committed to OTIF under tight quality control.

  1. 12 storage tanks for bulk monomers
  2. 8 Iso tanks for dedicated transport
  3. 100 Returnable stainless steel IBCs
  4. Break bulk and combined deliveries
  5. Blending facilities
  6. One-stop-shopping 120 products in stock
  7. Quick response and short lead-times
  8. Quality control on incoming and outgoing deliveries meeting specific agreed specifications
  9. Labeling software meeting transport regulations
  10. Handling goods according to safety regulations
  11. Non conformance and corrective actions solutions
  12. Reach/SHE management
  13. Our logistics strength

Distribution and storage facilities

Supply from our own stocks

ADPO storage is our main storage partner in Europe.

Besides Belgium, we also have (tank) storage secured in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Spain and Japan, where we store our products to maintain a regular supply to our customers.

  1. Tank storage
  2. Bulk parcel shipments
  3. Iso tank storage
  4. Drum and IBC filling station
  5. Blending facilities
  6. Bonded warehouses
  7. Various warehouses in EU
  8. Heated storage facilities
  9. Custom facilities
  10. Cleaning station
  11. Transports
  12. Loading of ships, tank trucks and rail cars
  13. Exports handling
  14. Ecovadis approved
  15. Our distribution and storage facilities

Quick and secure supply

Flexible and service organization

  1. We can supply solo and combined deliveries with short lead times, either in tank trucks, drums, IBCs or materials in bags
  2. Our deliveries are committed to OTIF under tight quality control
  3. We have the expertise and know-how to store and transport difficult to handle chemicals safely and responsibly
  4. Our transporters are carefully selected, reliable, licensed and reputable companies
  5. Shipments are made on time under tight quality control, and in sizes ranging from bulk shipment and packed materials
  6. We hold our inventories at specialized terminals and warehouses in the Antwerp
  7. Guarantee of quick and secure supply to our customers, whether it is in full truckloads or just a single drum
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    We are a specialized international distributors of a wide range of Acrylic, Methacrylic and Hydroxy monomers as well as complementary specialties.
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